Sneak Peak – Fix You

To celebrate my facebook page getting 500 likes (511 as I type – and if you haven’t liked already, the link is here: I’m posting a sneak peak of Fix You. I love this excerpt. It’s set in Hyde Park, which is my favourite of the Royal Parks in London, and sees Richard and Hanna drinking a little too much wine and being playful. I hope you enjoy it!!

Picnic 2

THEY WERE RESTING near the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, blanketed by the warm summer air. Richard lay back, his head propped on his rolled-up jacket. Hanna lay curled up beside him, her cheek resting on his chest. An empty bottle of expensive wine lay on its side next to them. They were both feeling a little drunk.

“Ruby will be home soon,” he murmured, his hand tangling in her hair, playing with her loose tendrils.

“Mmm.” Hanna’s eyes remained closed. He could feel a slight moistening of his t-shirt where her mouth was.

“Are you dribbling on me?” He lifted his head to get a better look.

“I don’t dribble.” She was suddenly awake, whipping her head around to catch his eye, surreptitiously wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Richard laughed at her tell-tale gesture.

“Come on, admit it, I make you salivate.”

“Your modesty is scaring me.” Staring up at him, she bit her lip to restrain a smile before poking her tongue out and licking his t-shirt. “But if you’re going to accuse me of something I haven’t done, then I’m going to do it, anyway.”

Clocking the expression on his face, she jumped up and grabbed her bag, running over the open grass. She passed the statue in the middle of the lawn, heading toward the wooded area surrounding them. Grabbing his coat, Richard ran after her, his long, fast strides allowing him to catch her before she even reached the first oak.

“You’ve got no chance,” he laughed. Hooking his arms around her waist, he pulled her body back to his. He could feel the softness of her stomach rising and falling in line with her short, sharp breaths.

Hanna tried to wriggle against him, tugging at his arms, trying to escape. He held firm, keeping her body contained within his embrace, fighting off her attempts to get free. Her breathing slowed. He could feel his own heartbeat starting to calm after the unexpected burst of activity.




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