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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]Sex? Absolutely
Love? Not my thing.
I didn’t do love or butterflies, but I loved him.
I was screwed, and not in a good way.

Selah Elmore is a smart, independent woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She loves her life being a professor and popular pirate erotica author. However, when she leaves the Pacific Northwest to spend six mont
hs studying sculpture in West Africa, she learns she doesn’t know a thing about love.

Cocky, suit-wearing Gerhard charms her during a stopover in Amsterdam, but dashing, adventurous Kai sweeps her off her feet in Ghana.

Sparks fly on three continents when perpetually single Selah discovers there’s more to love and life than she ever imagined

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If you’ve read any Daisy Prescott books, you’ll know her writing is a refreshing change from the plethora of New and Young Adult books out there. Her stories are about women who are mature, comfortable in their own skins, and able to stand on their own two feet. Career-focused, they don’t wait for a man to define them. Love, for them is the icing on top of a complex, layered cake.

(And if you haven’t read any Daisy Prescott books, what are you waiting for? Geoducks are for Lovers and Ready to Fall are available now from all good booksellers.)

Selah Elmore isn’t the shy and retiring type. She’s a woman who takes control of her life, her career and her sexuality. Having long since decided that a relationship isn’t for her, it doesn’t stop her from having the occasional dalliance and one night stand.

All that seems to change when she meets Gerhard, a Dutch businessman who is totally not her type. Yet, somehow, they click.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Selah is working at a museum in Ghana as part of a year in Africa. ‘Adopted’ by the owner of the hotel she stays in, she soon makes an eclectic group of friends who—in spite of their different backgrounds—look after each other in the sweetest of ways.

And then she meets Kai…

I don’t want to give too much away about the story by telling you how the romance plays out. Suffice it to say it is sweet and sexy, a journey for both Selah and Kai. During the struggles they face, they learn that no man is an island. Each has to learn that a relationship requires both give and take.

I loved that Selah was refreshingly strong. She was a heroine who took no nonsense, was occasionally abrasive, but still had a soft, sweet core.  If you’re looking for an innocent, Mary-Jane ingénue, you’re in the wrong place. Selah doesn’t have time for that sort of nonsense!

As for Kai, well, he was just dreamy. Masculine and strong, he was a great foil to Selah’s brashness. And as the story went on, we learned that he, too, had a softer side. One that made me pretty much want to swoon!

It wasn’t only the characters who made me fall in love with this book. The locations that Selah visits are so vividly described that I felt I was right there with them. Stories of African food and drink, of trips to see monkeys and elephants, of beautiful scenery that took my breath away—were like a third character in this relationship.

Although set in the same world as Geoducks and Ready to Fall, with many shared characters, Missionary Position can be read as a stand alone romance. There are no cliff hangers, just a beautiful love story you’ll want to read over and over again.

Five beautiful stars.



Daisy Prescott Bio:
Before writing bestselling contemporary adult romances, I dreamed of being an author while doing a lot of other things. Antiques dealer, baker, blue ribbon pie-maker, Daisy Prescott bwfangirl, freelance writer, gardener, pet mom and wife are a few of the other titles I’ve acquired over the years.
Born and raised in San Diego, I currently lives in a real life Stars Hollow in the Boston suburbs with my husband, our dog Hubbell, and an imaginary house goat.
Missionary Position is a spin-off from my first novel, Geoducks Are for Lovers. Like my second novel, Ready to Fall, it can be read as a standalone contemporary romance/romantic comedy.
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