Monday Musings – What a week!

every accomplishment

Wow! It’s been one of those weeks that has passed in a blur, leaving you spinning around with your mouth wide open and thinking “..what the heck?” I’d like to say I’ve enjoyed every moment of it, but it’s been such a rollercoaster of emotions that I’m not even sure how I’ve been feeling half the time. So, looking back, I’ve managed to do the following:

1. Turn 40

Yes, hard to believe (hehe), but I turned 40 last Wednesday. I tried to spend the day in bed, hiding underneath my lovely, warm duvet, but my friends were having none of it. They dragged me out, kicking and screaming, and took me to a pub for lunch. Of course, as soon as I was out I really enjoyed it and was so glad I wasn’t lying in bed anymore. But, still, I’m now out of my thirties, and I have to admit I loved every single moment of them. As long as my forties turn out just as good, I should be a happy girl.

2. Release my second book

Fix You was due to be released on my 40th birthday (because I’m crazy) but due to the lovely vagaries of Amazon, it was actually live two days earlier. Then when I checked it on my phone the text came up big. As in B.I.G. Cue hasty republishing (no less than 3 times) and staying up all night waiting for the book to go live again on Amazon so I could check it. Plus angsting over all the people who had already bought it and were wondering why the heck my writing was so large. 24 hours later it was all fixed and published, but I think I managed to get a few extra grey hairs that day!

3. Have my first paperback

Fix You is my first book that’s also been released in paperback. I can’t lie, there’s something very satisfying about holding that physical book in your hand, and seeing your name on the front cover. It made me very happy indeed. Plus I’ve already had some requests for signed copies, which makes me more happy than I can say. What a great birthday present.

So, I’ve managed to wallow, celebrate and prevaricate for the past week. I’ve given myself that time to adjust to these new things, but now it’s time to go back my office and start the writing process again. I think I’ve said before that I’m about a third of a way through a new novel, which is tentatively titled “Coming Down.” I’m really enjoying the characters and story in this book, and want to try to get it finished by April / May ready for edits and beta reading. In order to do that, I need to get my head down and work hard on the manuscript. Everything else will have to come second!

So, that’s where I am. Hope you are good too!