Fix You Paperbackfix-you-cover

How can something so wrong feel so right?

From the moment Hanna Vincent meets Richard Larsen at a glamorous London party, they are drawn to each other despite their differences. He’s the handsome son of a wealthy New York family, she’s the poor black sheep with a contagious love of life. On paper, they are complete opposites.

As she becomes the nanny to his younger sister the attraction between them grows, though the differences between them are too much to overcome. Until the day they meet in New York and everything changes. After a passionate night together they try to make things work, but neither of them can imagine the ways their love will be challenged.

Then one day, Hanna walks into Richard’s office and reveals an explosive secret. One that rocks the foundations of his world. Richard must decide if he can ever forgive her, and they both need to choose whether to take a risk on happiness, or if their broken love is beyond repair.

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6 thoughts on “FIX YOU

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  2. Olá, foi um imenso prazer ler “Sempre foi você”. Li o livro em um dia e me diverti muito com a alegria sincera da Hanna e com a entrega e amor do Richard. Sou uma leitora voraz por romances e me encantei com o enredo: envolvimento familiar, medos, divergências, amizades e amor. Só me resta parabenizar a autora pela trama tão bem desenvolvida e personagens ricos em sua construção. Obrigada pelo dia excelente que me proporcionou.

    Um abraço!
    De uma leitora do Brasil.

    Janaine Ferreira

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  5. hi Carrie,
    I read one of your books and have to tell you I’m super excited to read all his books. I’m still waiting out editions in Portuguese in Brazil.
    Congratulations and success

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