GIVEAWAY – Romance Writers’ Weekly Holiday Hop!

RWWadventtreasurehuntHappy Holidays! Or at least, we at Romance Writers’ Weekly hope that they are. But we know what it’s like to be moms, dads, daughters, sons, workers… you name it, we have it covered. It doesn’t matter which hat you’re wearing, December can be the most stressful and busiest time of the year.

So we’ve decided to have some fun in among all the chaos. From December 2nd we’ll be posting once a day about Holiday traditions, songs, stories and movies, to remind ourselves of how much fun it can be. To make it sweeter still, we are going to have a treasure hunt buried in each post, giving you a chance to collect all the clues and a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Plus there will be daily prizes to win, so make sure to read each blog!

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What are we waiting for… let’s have some fun!


December 1 – Kick Off Post

December 2 – Katie O’Connor

December 3 – Jeanne McDonald

December 4 – Rebekah Ganiere

December 5 – Betty Bolte

December 6 – Veronica Forand

December 7 – A.S. Fenichel

December 8 – Juliet Cross

December 9 – Susan Scott Shelley

December 10 – Brenda Margriet

December 11 – Leslie Hachtel

December 12 – Jami Denise

December 13 – J.J. Devine

December 14 – Xio Axelrod

December 15 – Collette Cameron

December 16 – Gemma Brocato

December 17 – Tracey Gee

December 18 – S.C. Mitchell

December 19 – Eden Ashe

December 20 – Kristi Rose

December 21 – Jo Richardson

December 22 – Victoria Barbour

December 23 – Carrie Elks

December 24 – Sarah Hegger

December 25 – Round Up & How to Enter

Coming Down – 99c sale!

holiday sale


In celebration of the Holiday Season, Coming down will be on sale for 99c from December 11th through to December 18th. If you haven’t already picked up your copy, you can grab it here.


Beth Lawrence finally has her life back on track. A job she loves, a wealthy husband and a beautiful home are a far cry from the tragedy that struck when she was nineteen. But now that her past seems firmly behind her, an old flame walks back into her life. Bringing back painful memories of a time she’s worked hard to forget, reviving a passion she tried to bury years before.

Niall Joseph is an up-and-coming artist, recently returned from success in America. Volunteering to teach in an inner-city drug clinic, the last person he expects to see is the girl who broke his heart nine years earlier. Working closely together allows their old wounds to heal, forging a deeper connection between them. One that slowly starts to burn.

As she becomes tangled up with a neglected child and her drug-addict mother, Beth finds herself drawn to Niall. But neither of them can anticipate how hard it is to tread the thin line between friendship and desire.

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