Why I love Pinterest

I love pinterest 2

Do you ever have those days when the words just don’t flow right? Those sad, lonely mornings when your characters refuse to do anything other than stick their tongues out at you? I’ve discovered the cure for this and any other writing-related woes …

Get pinning.

Seriously. Some may say this is a time-waster. Others may tell you that all you are doing is pinning a few pretty things onto a stupid website. To these naysayers I say

I love pinterest

I’ve already created a lovely board for FIX YOU which you can find here. I’ve also created a mood board for my work-in-progress (31,000 words and counting), which I have set to secret so only I can see it for now. But as soon as I’m ready to publish (um sometime in 2014) I’ll be able to make it public and SHAZAM one ready made pinterest board for all my readers (okay, my mum and Kate) to see.

In all seriousness, it may be a bit of a time sapper, but what it does is create a ‘mood’ for my writing which I can go back and look at again and again. When I’m lacking in inspiration I can find something to latch onto; a character, a scene, even a building. Sometimes that’s all it takes. And the beauty is, when I’m ready to publish, I can share that mood board with EVERYBODY. That makes me happy.

So, if you are currently pinning, drop me a line and let me know where to find your boards. And if you aren’t, it’s so easy to set up a profile. You can follow other boards, make your own and generally have a great time. Hopefully I’ll see you there! And if you want to follow me, my profile is:¬†http://www.pinterest.com/carrieelks1/

Have a great day.


Carrie Pink