A Little Taste of Coming Down…

Coming: September 24, 2014
Twenty-eight-year-old Beth Lawrence finally has her life back on track. A job she loves, a wealthy husband and a beautiful home are a far cry from the tragedy that struck when she was nineteen. But now that her past seems firmly behind her, an old flame walks back into her life. Bringing back painful memories of a time she’s worked hard to forget, reviving a passion she tried to bury years before.
Niall Joseph is an up-and-coming artist, recently returned from success in America. Volunteering to teach in an inner-city drug clinic, the last person he expects to see is the girl who broke his heart nine years earlier. Working closely together allows their old wounds to heal, forging a deeper connection between them. One that slowly starts to burn.
As she becomes tangled up with a neglected child and her drug-addict mother, Beth finds herself drawn to Niall. But neither of them can anticipate how hard it is to tread the thin line between friendship and desire.

“What’s your name?”
“Are you a student here?”
His question makes me roll my eyes. I’ve been following him and his friends around like a devoted puppy for the best part of my first year. Not that he’s ever noticed. He’s always too busy. Painting. Smoking. Looking beautiful. He’s good at all these things. I know, I’ve studied him like he’s my favourite subject.
“Art History,” I say.
“One of the thinkers.” He gives me a smile. It’s wicked and dirty and makes me want to lick his lips. “Do you paint?”
“Shame. Do you model?”
I blush at this one. “No.”
“You should. Come and model for me. I want to paint you.” His words slur but his voice is still seductive and lyrical. Somewhere, far beneath my high, I know he’s spinning me a line.
I bite, nonetheless.
“I’m not pretty enough.”
“Yes you are.”
“Or interesting enough.”
He pulls me closer, his erection digging into my hip. “Yes you are.”
My heart starts to hammer against my chest. This is Niall Joseph holding me. I made Niall Joseph get hard. I don’t think about the drugs or the rain or the fact he’s ignored me all year. I’m too worked up for that.
“I want to kiss you.” He murmurs it softly. Then he presses his lips to my forehead. My skin feels like it’s burning. Hot and fevered. This time, the rain does nothing to cool it down.
“Okay.” I’m almost breathless. He drags his mouth down to my jaw, peppering my skin with kisses.
“You fucking taste like rain, too.”



Carrie Elks lives near London, England and writes contemporary romance with a dash of intrigue. At the age of twenty-one she left college with a political science degree, a healthy overdraft and a soon-to-be husband. She loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in the USA and Switzerland as well as the UK. An avid social networker, she tries to limit her Facebook and Twitter time to stolen moments between writing chapters. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can usually be found baking, drinking wine or working out how to combine the two.


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Sneak Peak – Fix You

To celebrate my facebook page getting 500 likes (511 as I type – and if you haven’t liked already, the link is here: http://www.facebook.com/carrieelksauthor) I’m posting a sneak peak of Fix You. I love this excerpt. It’s set in Hyde Park, which is my favourite of the Royal Parks in London, and sees Richard and Hanna drinking a little too much wine and being playful. I hope you enjoy it!!

Picnic 2

THEY WERE RESTING near the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, blanketed by the warm summer air. Richard lay back, his head propped on his rolled-up jacket. Hanna lay curled up beside him, her cheek resting on his chest. An empty bottle of expensive wine lay on its side next to them. They were both feeling a little drunk.

“Ruby will be home soon,” he murmured, his hand tangling in her hair, playing with her loose tendrils.

“Mmm.” Hanna’s eyes remained closed. He could feel a slight moistening of his t-shirt where her mouth was.

“Are you dribbling on me?” He lifted his head to get a better look.

“I don’t dribble.” She was suddenly awake, whipping her head around to catch his eye, surreptitiously wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Richard laughed at her tell-tale gesture.

“Come on, admit it, I make you salivate.”

“Your modesty is scaring me.” Staring up at him, she bit her lip to restrain a smile before poking her tongue out and licking his t-shirt. “But if you’re going to accuse me of something I haven’t done, then I’m going to do it, anyway.”

Clocking the expression on his face, she jumped up and grabbed her bag, running over the open grass. She passed the statue in the middle of the lawn, heading toward the wooded area surrounding them. Grabbing his coat, Richard ran after her, his long, fast strides allowing him to catch her before she even reached the first oak.

“You’ve got no chance,” he laughed. Hooking his arms around her waist, he pulled her body back to his. He could feel the softness of her stomach rising and falling in line with her short, sharp breaths.

Hanna tried to wriggle against him, tugging at his arms, trying to escape. He held firm, keeping her body contained within his embrace, fighting off her attempts to get free. Her breathing slowed. He could feel his own heartbeat starting to calm after the unexpected burst of activity.




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It’s Sunday night, and I haven’t blogged for a while so …

Hey hey, how is everybody doing? So, I’ve been a little bit absent the past couple weeks (cover reveals excepted, because the lovely authors / bloggers tend to do all the work for me.) But I haven’t been totally useless, I’ve been busy ferreting away behind the scenes because …

…I’ve been getting ready to publish my second book. Most of you already probably know this from Facebook and Twitter, not to mention GoodReads, but just in case you didn’t:


Richard we had a baby

31st December 1999. Seventeen-year-old Brit, Hanna Vincent, meets New Yorker, Richard Larsen; a Columbia student and step-son of scion Leon Maxwell. Divided by wealth, distance and a common language, an unconventional friendship grows between the two.

From London to New York, from 1999 to 2012, Fix You follows the story of quirky, music-loving Hanna and handsome, driven Richard as they fall in love and are torn apart. Their tempestuous relationship leads to an explosive revelation that threatens to destroy them both.

Emotional and touching, this is a story of second chances. Is their shattered love beyond repair?


The story will be released on February 12th 2014, which just happens to be a big milestone birthday for me! I’m very much looking forward to sharing it with you.

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Apart from getting Fix You ready to publish (which takes a large amount of my time up) I’ve also been writing up a storm. I’ve finished the first draft of Unexpected, a New Adult novel, and I’ve written the first few chapters of another full-length contemporary romance which is tentatively titled When You Come Down. On top of that I also have Halfway Hidden #2 to write! It’s a good job I love my laptop.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow to see the Fix You Cover Reveal and let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

Carrie Pink