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Want to have some fun?

Do you like Carrie’s books? Want to be the first to know everything that’s happening—from works in progress to cover reveals and sneak peeks at her blurbs? Do you want to have a blast while helping her out? Then come and join Carrie’s Reader Team on Facebook, where the aim of the game is F.U.N.

You’re a potential member if…

  1.       You enjoy Carrie’s books
  2.       You want to meet others who feel the same way
  3.       You’re active on social media, and are willing to post news and reviews of Carrie’s books
  4.       THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING a team member does is to post a review of a new release on Amazon as soon as the book goes “live”.


Why Join?

  •         You get to be a member in a private online meeting place, where we can hang out together and shoot the breeze!
  •         S.W.A.G. Free books, book marks, and other cool stuff.
  •         Members-only benefits: you’ll be the first to know about forthcoming book launches, new sneak peek chapters, book cover reveals, and more,
  •         First dibs on blog tour dates for those of you who blog
  •         Private face-to-face meetings at book signing locations when they happen. Invitation to cool events, online and otherwise
  •         My undying gratitude—because I couldn’t do this without you, and each one of you means the world to me.


How to sign up

  1.       Click on this link which will take you to a special sign up page. When your form is received you will get a special invite to Carrie’s Street Crowd page on Facebook.
  2.       When sharing via social media, be sure to tag/mention @CarrieElks and use #CarriesCorner


Thank you so much for joining me, I can’t wait to chat with you!


Carrie Pink






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