Summer’s Lease

The Shakespeare Sisters Book #1

He broke her once – will she let him do it again?

Sam Carlton is at the height of his career. A successful actor with a lucrative franchise, he attracts the paparazzi wherever he goes. So when a scandal hits, the only place he can think of to hide is in his parents’ empty villa in Italy. But when he gets there it isn’t empty at all.

Cesca Shakespeare could do with a little luck. After her career in writing failed before it even began, she’s had a string of dead end jobs, and even worse apartments. So when she’s offered a job taking care of an old Italian villa on the banks of beautiful Lake Como, it feels as though her life might finally be changing for the better. Until the man who ruined it walks through the door.

As Sam and Cesca get to know each other again, spending long hot days and steamy nights together, they begin to challenge everything they thought about each other. But then real life hits and it leaves them with one question – is this just a holiday fling, or can their love weather the cold winds of reality?


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A sizzling treat to curl up with on your lounger & savour. – Gem Bee

A summer scorcher of a book! – Rachel’s Random Reads

A perfect summer beach read.  – Louise White (goodreads reviewer)

An amazing story that will capture your imagination and warm your heart.
A brilliant 5 Stars! – Clare Roden

Romantic and heartfelt. It’s a wonderful read for the summer and a great escape to parts unknown.  – Chanpreet

A lovely well written absorbing read. – Mrs (goodreads reviewer)