Cover Reveal – Still The One

Hey hey! I hope you are all doing well. It’s a rainy Thursday here in the UK, but in my heart I’m in balmy Hartson’s Creek with all of the Heartbreak Brothers, sitting the cornfields and watching the world go by.

I’m also spending a lot of time staring at this little beauty. It’s the new cover for STILL THE ONE, The Heartbreak Brothers Book 2, designed by the fabulous Kirsty at the Pretty Little Design Co.

Still The One releases on Aug 19th, but is available for pre-order now. To learn more, scroll down! And have a fab day.

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by Carrie Elks
Available Now to Pre-order
Releases AUGUST 19

Cover designer: The Pretty Little Design Co.


Nobody expects to meet the love of their life on their first day at school, but from the moment Tanner Hartson set his eyes on Savannah Butler, she stole his breath away.

She was beautiful, wild and free. And though her life was hard, she made everything feel easy.

As they grew up, they were best friends.

Then sweethearts.

And finally lovers.

Until he broke her heart in the worst way.

They haven’t spoken for the last ten years. But now she’s returned to their small home town and he can’t fight the intense attraction that keeps pulling them together.

He wants her back. And this time he won’t take no for an answer.

Doesn’t true love deserve a second chance?


Still The One is the second book in the Heartbreak Brothers series of emotional standalone romances, set in the small town of Hartson’s Creek.

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2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal – Still The One

  1. Congratulations! Carrie. I’m definitely interested, and the cover is well done. The one detail I find interesting is that she’s touching him, but he’s not touching her…hmmm.

    I do have one question. I’m working on my second novel and even though it’s set in current times, I started it before the pandemic. Now I’m wondering if I should work that in? Have you considered including pandemic issues with a future novel in the Heartbreak Brothers series? Just curious.

    • Hi Paul, interesting question! The way I see it is that most of my readers enjoy the escape from life that reading romance books offers. I have to admit that during this time I’ve found myself reading even more than usual to avoid the scary headlines and news stories too. So for me, adding in storylines about the current crisis would dilute that escape. I don’t think anybody would expect it to be included in my kind of books right now, although that may change in the future as Covid-19 moves behind us (I hope!)

      I don’t know what genre you wrote in, but I think this would be an important factor in deciding whether to include current events. As would be the expectation of your audience.

      Either way, good luck with the novel. It’ll be interesting to see what future releases look like!

      Carrie 🙂

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