Take Me Home – Release Day Blitz!

Title: Take Me Home
Author: Carrie Elks
Genre: Small Town, Rock Star Romance
Release Date: April 7, 2020
Cover Designed by: Net, Hook & Line Designs


Gray Hartson is coming home. After years of playing to sold-out stadiums around the world, the tattooed singer is determined to build bridges with his sick father and reconnect with the family he left behind.

But then he meets her . . . the beautiful waitress with the smart mouth who makes him laugh more than he has in years.

One small problem. She’s his ex-girlfriend’s sister. The only woman he can’t have.


Maddie Clark was an awkward teenager when Gray left. Now she slings hash in a backwater diner, her dreams of being a famous concert pianist left in tatters.

Don’t ask her why. She’ll never tell. Strong women do what it takes to keep a roof over their heads.

Until he walks through the door and complicates everything.


Their attraction is wrong.

But foolish hearts never listen to reason.

Maybe he should write a song about that.


Take Me Home is the first book in the Heartbreak Brothers series of emotional standalone romances, set in the small town of Hartson’s Creek.




“You know what?” he said, completely ignoring her suggestion. “We should kiss. Just once. See if there’s something there.” He shook his head. “Who am I kidding. Of course there’s something there.”

“Is there?” she asked softly.

“Isn’t there?”

Yeah, there was. And the thought that he felt it too made her whole body feel on fire. Like one of those little lightning bugs they watched together, she could feel herself start to glow.

“You want to kiss me?” she asked, just to be sure she was hearing him right.

“Yeah. I really think we should. Get it over with.”

God, he was cute when he was drunk. “Here? Through the window?”

He looked at her with dark eyes. “Nah. This isn’t Romeo and Juliet.”

“He had to climb up to her balcony. I live in a bungalow.”

“It’s a damn good thing I don’t have to climb. I’d probably break my neck.”


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