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Welcome to this week’s Romance Writer’s Weekly Blog Hop. If you’ve arrived from Tracey Gee’s blog, hi, and thanks for joining me!

This week we’re talking first kisses. Do we remember them? Who were they with? What were they like?

So I guess we’re not talking about platonic kisses, right? We’re all romance writers and readers here, and while we know such things exist (hell, we probably kiss our children / parents / friends platonically on a daily basis) these aren’t the things that rock our boats. Hell no. What we’re talking about are lip-smacking, goosebumps-inducing, shiver-making kisses that curl our toes and take our breath away. And that’s just when we read about them!

Ah, yeah. I don’t think my first kiss was like that though. Let’s call him J. He was young, sweet, and to be honest I don’t think he was that in to me. His kiss was perfunctory at best, a peck that barely gave me enough time to close my eyes.

On the plus side, I was seven years old at the time!

Fast forward to my second first kiss. This time we were teenagers. He had hormones, I had a curvy body, it was bound to work, right? Er wrong. Again it was quick. It didn’t make me swoon. It just made me wonder why he tasted of cinnamon.

It’s no wonder we read romance novels to fulfill our kissing fantasies. I just took it one step further and decided to write them too. Here’s a little teaser of the first kiss between Richard and Hanna in my book Fix You, which releases in the US and Canada on Dec 13th:


Everything felt different, and everything felt the same. He was her old friend; someone she had laughed with, and played with. But the Richard standing in front of her was all man. And that suit, oh God that suit; when she first set eyes on him as he walked into the restaurant earlier that day, it was like her whole body had been lit on fire. She was stuck somewhere between familiarity and discomposure, feeling strangely anxious and yet knowing that no matter what happened, she wouldn’t regret this.

“Are you sure?” His hand pulled her toward him, closing the gap, until her chest was just touching his abdomen, the rest of her body barely skimming his. She couldn’t see his face, her eyes reaching only up to the dip in the base of his neck, slightly exposed by the unbuttoned crisp collar of his white shirt.


She wanted to bury herself in his skin, inhale his scent. She softly pressed her lips to the exposed part of his chest. She kissed him harder, sucking gently at his skin, letting her tongue drag its way along the soft dip under his collar.

“Hanna.” His voice cracked, and he placed his thumb under her chin, pulling her face up as he bent down, until they met in the middle. She placed her hands on his shoulders, her fingers splaying across the white of his shirt, using him as leverage to bridge the final gap between his lips and hers.

When there was only a millimeter between them, she felt him sigh against her. He crushed his mouth to hers, any gentleness forgotten in the need to touch, to taste, to consume. His hand pressed hard against the back of her head, pulling her closer until their teeth were almost scraping together, her mouth opening as soon as she felt the tip of his tongue running along her lip.

She brushed her hand against his cheek, touching the soft emerging stubble peppering his skin. Her mind was feverish as she pushed her body against his, wanting to feel his reaction, hoping that he was as aroused as she was.



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So yeah, that’s the kind of first kiss I’d like to have, if the glorious Mr Elks and I ever decide to part ways. But in the meantime I’ll just keep reading about them. Because books don’t mind if you’ve just been eating garlic bread!

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Until next time,

Carrie Pink


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