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Welcome to this week’s Romance Writer’s Weekly Blog Hop. If you’ve arrived from Jenna DaSie’s blog, hi, and thanks for joining me!

This week we’re talking about the fall television schedules. What TV shows are we watching, and why do we love them?

I’m a sucker for a good TV show. I think I was born with square eyes, and my earliest memories (apart from reading) revolve around great television shows. Of course in those days there weren’t a lot of Kids TV programmes, but I didn’t care. As long as it moved and was on the screen, I was happy to watch it.

Nowadays I’m a little more discerning, but as soon as the Autumn TV schedule starts, I’m still like an over-excited puppy with a new toy. Here are a few of the shows that have grabbed my attention this autumn, and the reasons why!

1. The Fall (BBC)


This BBC crime drama stars Gillian Anderson (with a British accent that is 100% better than mine) as a talented police detective, and the rather scarily good looking Jamie Dornan as the serial killer she’s hunting. Over here it’s on the third series, and the first episode begins with Jamie’s character, Paul Spectre, in hospital with a gunshot wound, while Stella Gibson (Gillian’s character) is being questioned for her poor handling of his shooting.

I’ve loved this show from the start (and if you have Netflix, you can catch up on all the seasons). Its dark portrayal of Belfast as a city under the threat of a serial rapist and killer has me on the edge of my seat. It’s scary, thrilling, and easy to get lost in. Can’t miss TV!

2. Victoria (ITV)


Copyright: ITV

I’ve always been a fan of historical dramas, and this portrayal of a young Queen Victoria (from her rise to the throne at the age of 19), is fast becoming one of my favourites. It has all the elements; a coming of age story, as Victoria grows into her role, a romance between Victoria and her German cousin, Albert, plus some drama and intrigue as various enemies conspire against her. In my books, I love writing about strong heroines with mountains to climb, and they don’t get much stronger than this!

3. Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix)



I’m secretly a bit of a comic-book lover, and when Marvel’s Luke Cage came onto Netflix this fall, I added it to my list of things to watch straight away. The story of an ex-convict who has superhuman strength (and skin a bullet can’t pierce) it’s the ultimate story of good versus evil.

Now let’s hop over to S.C. Mitchell’s blog to find out what he’s been watching this fall. And don’t forget to check out his wonderful books on Amazon! 


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  1. I’ve heard Luke Cage is good, I’ll have to check it out! The other shows you watch sound really interesting too, especially the first one The Fall.

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