A Love Letter to Berlin


Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Berlin Loveletter Convention 2016. This is an event that brings together Romance writers, readers, bloggers and publishers, and I have to admit that it absolutely blew me away.

I was invited to attend because my book, Kiss You, will be released in Germany this June. And if you haven’t seen the cover yet, here’s a little gratuitous plug! (I love this cover!)


My lovely German publishers, Ullstein Buchverlage, were kind enough to host me in Berlin, and provided excerpts of Kiss You to every attendee of the convention in this fabulous book. Though I can’t understand much of it, I’m so excited to see Richard and Hanna’s story in another language.

The convention took place over two days, and included a mixture of workshops, q&a sessions, meet and greets and a signing. Even though my book isn’t yet released, the German readers were so welcoming and kind, and it was a real pleasure to talk to them about our shared love of romance books.

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I also got to meet some of my own heroes, including the lovely Mhairi McFarlane, who I took part in a q&a session with. It took place at 10am on the Saturday (after a fairly heavy night out) but despite the early hour the audience threw themselves into the session and we had a lot of fun.

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On Sunday, I took part in a workshop about agents and authors. I was privileged to meet the amazing Simona Ahrnstedt whose book, Ein Einziges Geheimnis, has recently been released in Germany.

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As we had a break in the afternoon, my agent, Meire Dias, and I had the privilege to visit the Berlin Wall Memorial. Both the remains of the Wall and the stories of the German people who were affected by it were breathtaking and humbling. We were there for three hours and both of us were extremely moved by this tribute to Berlin’s recent history. It’s difficult to believe that such a historic and beautiful city was divided in such recent times (the Wall fell 26 years ago), and yet reading about the heroism and stoicism of those who lived there made me feel proud to be able to visit their lovely city.

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On Monday, I had to return home, as both work and my family called. I left Berlin feeling very honoured to meet so many lovely readers, writers, publishers and bloggers, and also knowing that I will be returning to that lovely country as soon as I can. Germany, thank you so much for your lovely hospitality. I loved every minute that I spent there.

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Kiss You will be released in Germany in ebook on 17th June and in paperback on 9th September by Ullstein Buchverlage.

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