Flash Fiction Challenge! Romance Weekly #LoveChatWrite Blog Hop – 2nd June 2015

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 This week Fiona Riplee has given us the following challenge:

Write a flash fiction of 250 words or less about a long lost love. Include the words: hammer, chisel, and coping saw. 

Here’s what I’ve got for you…


The first time Ellie met him he was covered in blood. An industrial accident, Trent had said, something to do with a chisel and a coping saw. Not that she’d paid much attention; her focus was on suturing his wound and trying to ignore the persistent hammer of her heartbeat. Even after five years on the job, there was something about blood that made her dizzy. Her mom always told her she wasn’t cut out to be a nurse.
“You’re all sewn up.” She’d looked into his blue eyes. “Try to keep it dry for a few days.”
“Let me take you out to dinner to thank you.” It didn’t sound much like a question, in spite of his words. He’d taken her to a diner, around the corner from the hospital, offering her food as wholesome and down-to-earth as he was. When they went dancing, he’d held her close, smelling of warm cologne and sawdust.
She’d loved every minute of it.
That was back in November of ‘41, less than a month before Pearl Harbor, before life changed forever. Only a few weeks later, she was cleaning blood off more young men than she cared to think about, and that date with Trent Martin was little more than a saw-dust scented memory.
Somewhere among the casualties and the battles they’d lost touch. Ellie got married — a handsome marine who gave her two beautiful children — but she couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the gruff carpenter with the deep blue eyes.
She never did find out.

(255 words – I cheated a bit!!)

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7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge! Romance Weekly #LoveChatWrite Blog Hop – 2nd June 2015

  1. I loved this. I imagine at some point in the future they’ll find a way to reconnect, because the Pollyanna in me wants to believe he survived. Great story and I didn’t mind that you went over a bit. 🙂

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