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 This week we’re sharing our favourite Holiday Stories or Movies!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I LOVE THE FESTIVE SEASON! I love the planning, I love the present buying, and most of all I love the Christmas movies. I have so many favourites that it’s almost impossible to narrow them down to one. Scrooged with Bill Murray is a must-watch every year, along with A Muppet Christmas Carol and The Snowman, a beautiful hand-drawn cartoon that has no dialogue, only music. But my very, very favourite of all is Love Actually.

Love Actually – the Best Love Scenes

There are so many reasons that this movie is close to my heart. First of all it has some of my best-loved actors. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson are just a few of the cast of actors that make this such a fun movie to watch. Then there’s the story lines–in fact there’s ten different interwoven stories in this film, each of them climaxing at Christmas. Some are romantic, some are sad, but each one of them is emotional. From the Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) discovering love for the first time, to the wife (Emma Thompson) who learns about her husband’s infidelity when searching for her Christmas present, each one manages to kick you in the gut.
Best of all, there’s Billy Mack, played by Bill Nighy. A has-been rock star, he attempts to reignite his fading career with a Christmas rock song, the hilarious parody of ‘Love is all Around’, which is an in-joke for director Richard Curtis, who used the original in his breakout film, Four Weddings and a Funeral.


Love Actually – Christmas is All Around

I hope each one of you has an enjoyable and relaxing Holiday Season. Remember to hold those you love close, and to take some time for yourself. You’re worth it!
As for me, I’ll be spending Christmas with my family and friends, celebrating the UK release of my novel, Fix You on the 25th December. It’s available for pre order now at the following places:






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5 thoughts on “Romance Weekly #LoveChatWrite #LoveWriteChat – 15th December

  1. This movie is popular this week! I know why, it’s flipping awesome. It’s all making me want to re-watch again too. Love you to death Carrie. So glad we get to connect still. BIG LOVE and see you soon thanks for sharing your heart. <3

  2. Carrie, I didn’t know that about the director. Now I appreciate this movie even more. My daughter heard Bill Nighy singing that song and commented what a horrible singer he is. LOL.

  3. I’m with you on picking “Love Actually” as your holiday movie favorite. It’s on my list as well. Every time I watch this movie, it’s like the first time all over again. I’m always affected by the fact both Colin Firth and his love interest (can’t remember her name) learn each other’s language… “just in cases…” Wow – so sweet!

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