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If you’ve arrived from Lanora Mangano’s blog, hi and thanks for clicking! This week’s challenge comes from Sarah Hegger, whose book, Sweet Bea, is available on Amazon now!

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Tell me about your three favorite book boyfriends…

Where to start? I can’t even narrow it down to three for the past month, let alone my favorite three of all time! Of course there are my go-to men; the Darcys and the Rochesters who never fail to make you fall in love with them, no matter how dog-eared your book is. But then I start thinking about Jamie Fraser and all the other heroes that have captured my heart over the years, and I’m back to square one.

So, rather than choose my three favorite book boyfriends of all time, I’m going to tell you the three UNLIKELIEST book boyfriends I’ve discovered. Those characters who–in spite of their flaws or differences–have reeled me in and made my heart speed over and over again. 

The Drag Queen

painted faces


By now, most of my friends are bored with me telling them just how hot Nicholas, the hero of L.H. Cosway’s Painted Faces, is. When the heroine, Freda, first meets him, she finds him attractive, but when he’s dressed as his alter ego, Viv, he takes attractive to a whole other level. I found myself falling in love with him right alongside the heroine.

He isn’t perfect; at first he treats Fred badly, not understanding how his actions make her feel. But Painted Faces is a story of change and redemption, and Nicholas becomes the man / woman he always hoped he could be. Perhaps that’s why I fell so hard for him. As with all L.H. Cosway books, this is a story I could read again and again!


The Genetics Professor


 I read Graeme Simsion’s hilarious Rosie Project earlier this year, and I found Don Tillman gorgeously endearing. A man who approaches romance in the same way he works on a science project, Don believes that finding a wife should be easy. Of course, that’s before he meets Rosie Jarman, a chaotic whirlwind of a heroine who turns his life upside down.

Although on the surface Don seems staid, Graeme Simsion paints him as a man who slowly learns that he has romance inside him, and manages to sweep Rosie (and me) right off her feet!



The Time Traveler


There are some books that sweep you up and take you to another world, making you stay up all night and ignore all those chores you should be doing. The Time Traveler’s wife was definitely one of those books for me. I fell in love with Henry De Tamble, the chronologically-impaired hero, who is doomed to skip through time, unable to control where he ends up. The story isn’t for the faint-hearted, but there was something about the doomed romance that grew between Henry and Claire (his wife) that made me fall in love with him, too.



Wow, that was much harder than I thought it would be! Thank you to Sarah Hegger for giving us all an enjoyable challenge. And now to read more Romance Weekly Blog Hop go to the fabulous J.R. Richardson’s blog and read her answers!

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  1. Oh…The Time Traveler’s Wife. I’m so with you there and I almost added Henry to my own list. That book wrecked me in every way possible. But it was oh, so good. Sigh. Awesome post!

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