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If you’ve arrived from Andrea Mansue’s blog, hi and thanks for clicking! This week we are doing something a little different, thanks to Mishka Jenkins. Each one of us is writing a love-letter 400 words long, which has to include the words Sweet, Pumpkin and Brush. So take a read of mine–which I’ve called ‘Do You Remember the First Time?’, then follow the links to see how the rest of the Romance Writer’s Weekly team have fared!


To my husband,
Do you remember the first time? The air had taken on the coolness of autumn, laced with the aroma of bonfires and fallen apples. Night time crept upon us like a thief, stealing away the daylight long before we were ready to say goodbye to the sun. But though the bitterness of winter was waiting around the corner, it was tempered by your sweet kisses, your lips tasting of candy corn, your breath laced with apple cider.
That night you were Jason and I was Elvira. Do you remember the way my synthetic wig attached itself to everything I came into contact with? Trees, fences… you.
We walked up to the final house, the stoop lined with carved pumpkins, their angry faces flickering as candles danced with the wind. Scooping the last of the candy into our palms we ran away laughing, our cheeks red with humour and exertion.
Later, the redness turned to pink, as laughter became drawn-out moans. We kissed behind the ghost house on the corner of Pine and Fourteenth, letting its long-abandoned walls shield us from the stares of passers by.
Your fingers were bold that night, digging underneath clothes, sliding up skin. Even though I laughed, it wasn’t because I was ticklish, it was because I knew nothing would be the same again. Your mouth stole away the sounds before they even escaped my throat, moving softly, slowly, and even when I closed my eyes all I could see was you.
“Be mine,” you whispered.
“I already am.”
My skirt caught on the brush of a long-dead hedge, ripping the fabric halfway up my thigh. Your fingers followed the tear, tracing a line of fire, and my heart pounded with the need only you could fulfil.
Though the ground was cold I didn’t feel it; any frostiness was melted by our mutual need. Your mask lay long-abandoned on the grass, joined by my wig, my dress, your pants. Then it was simply us, Alex and Lila, two bodies, one desire.
I think about that night a lot. I remember it as I dress our children in matching ghost outfits. And as I lead them out of our front door, I wonder what you’d say if I found that wig again. If I put it on my head and led you out into our yard and reminded you how sweet October nights can taste.
 Lila xxcouple_kissing_night_grass


Thank you to Mishka Jenkins for giving us all a fun challenge. And now to read more Romance Weekly Blog Hop go to Elaine Jeremiah’s blog and read her answers!

Carrie Pink


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