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If you’ve arrived from Sarah Hegger’s blog, hi and thanks for clicking! This week’s questions are brought to you by Beth Carter, whose amazing new book Thursdays At Coconuts is currently selling up a storm! 


1.  What’s your favorite aspect of novel writing? Dialogue? Setting? Conflict?Narration? Explain?

It’s really hard to break down the writing process enough to single out what I enjoy the most. I know what I enjoy the least (editing, anybody?), but as for what I really like doing–well I’d say everything. I enjoy the process of getting down on paper (or on a laptop) the visions and stories I have in my head. I’ve always lived a secret life in my mind, making up tales and daydreaming, and being able to share this with others is amazing.


2.   How do you choose the setting for your plot? Are they always similar settings or does it vary? (i.e., small town, big city, castle, etc.)?

My settings always come from my characters. London features in a lot of my stories because it’s where I grew up. I also try to add in some of the US, as I also lived there for a few years. I tend to gravitate toward cities rather than the countryside for my settings, although I think this will change in the future. The book I’m planning to write some time next year will be set by the sea, in a small village where emotions bubble deep under the surface.


3.  I’m a big six-word memoir fan. (Hemingway even wrote one.) Describe your writing day using just six words.?








Thank you to Beth for some thought-provoking questions. And now to read more Romance Weekly Blog Hop go to Dani Jace’s blog and read her answers!

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