Romance Weekly #LoveChatWrite #LoveWriteChat – 4th August

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If you’ve arrived from Mikki Cober’s blog , hi and thanks for clicking! This week we doing something a little bit different. So instead of answering three questions on our writing process, let’s talk food!


 What is your best / favorite 15 minute dinner idea?

I love cooking, and even better, I love eating, so this one’s an easy question for me. If I had to choose my favourite ever dinner, it would be steak and champagne. Here’s an easy recipe that you can follow in just under 15 minutes.

Steak          Champagne


  1.  A cell phone
  2. A finger
  3. A suitable dining companion (preferably hot and rich)
  4. Around $100 in cash


  •  Batter eyelashes and invite gorgeous, handsome man out for dinner (because, hey, it’s 14 years into the new millennium and we are all smart, intelligent women) – 5 minutes
  • Log onto restaurant website and book romantic table for two. Preferably away from prying eyes. If offered table near bathrooms, run, don’t walk away. – 2 minutes
  • Take cab to restaurant, picking hot sexy man up on the way. – 3 minutes
  • Order champagne and steak while flirting extensively with hot, sexy man. Avoid letting steak juices drip on your blouse unless it’s part of a seduction technique. – 2 minutes
  • Ask for check (splitting it two ways, because it’s 14 years into the new millennium…) and grab taxi, taking hot sexy man home in doggy bag. – 3 minutes
  • Enjoy!


Serving Suggestion – Best served warm.


So there you have it. 15 minutes until the best dinner I can imagine. All it takes is a little effort, a lot of imagination and a very handsome man sitting opposite you. Enjoy!

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Carrie Pink


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