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Ricochet is the debut release from new author Lore Ree. I’ve been a fan of her online work for a while, and when I got the chance to read and review an ARC copy of her novella, I jumped at the chance.

The story opens with Miles Bedford shopping for engagement rings for his fiance-to-be, and I have to say I loved the way the author described the visit to the jewelry store. It was so spot on from a male point of view that I found myself sniggering. And I think that’s the first thing I love about this book, the way she gets the tone so perfectly right. So often we read a male pov that sounds way too feminine, but with Miles, that certainly wasn’t the case. His words rang true, and that’s a testament to Lore Ree’s amazing ability to write.

I’m always nervous about giving too much away in a review–particularly for a novella–so I’m not going to outline too much of the story. Suffice it to say that Miles thinks he has it all worked out at the age of 25, but that life decides otherwise and throws a few curve balls his way. Along with his best friend Warren, girlfriend Ariana and new interest Noelle, we are taken on a fun, emotional ride as Miles learns that even the best laid plans can be derailed spectacularly.

As I said before, the writing is excellent, and the story is long enough to be fulfilling in a truly amusing and emotional way. It’s a fantastic debut novella, and I can’t wait to read more of Lore Ree’s stories. A five star read for me.

Book Title: Ricochet Author: Lore Ree Genre: Erotic Romance/Erotica, Novella Release Date: July 12, 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


“The Rebound Effect” states that in order to get over your ex, you have to get under someone else. At least, that’s what Miles Bedford’s best friend keeps telling him. So when he’s suddenly ricocheted back into the single life, Miles has one thing in mind. The plan is simple, and his intentions are clear. He’s not looking for love. But sometimes all it takes is one person, and one weekend, to change everything. Meet the Author I began exploring my love for writing as a child, when I started penning original poetry. However, it wasn’t until early 2012 that I picked up a pen—or my phone, if you want to get technical—to write my first full length story, inspired by a close friend’s evolving relationship with her best friend. That rush of completing the story, posting it online, and interacting with readers and fellow writers opened up the floodgates, and I haven’t looked back since. I write romance targeted to a more mature audience of readers. My stories fall under the categories of Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and Erotica. When asked why I choose these genres, my answer is simple: I like reading things that are on the sexier side. So that’s what I try to write, too. At the end of the day, I guess you can say I’m a daydreamer and a word mixologist hoping to serve my readers up stories they can enjoy. Born in New York, raised in Florida, and matured in Massachusetts, I consider myself a bit of an East Coast baby without limitations on a specific region. At the moment, however, I reside in Florida with my family. excerpt And we were quiet again because I realized what I’d said. We were going to my house. The silence and my thoughts about what bringing Noelle home symbolized lasted our whole ride, only ending when we got inside my place and I offered her something to drink. I leaned against the counter and rested my head against the cabinet above. My heart slammed in my chest. This was momentous. The importance of having Noelle in my house—in my kitchen—drinking from glasses I bought after my ex left me and took all her things, along with some of my confidence with her. I felt good—happy despite my nerves. In one night Noelle threw me and my plans off kilter. The guys were right; she had me by the balls. My only desire was to get out of my head and enjoy every minute of our limited time together. I opened my eyes and found her watching me over the top of the glass. A small smile played on her juicy lips, and she had that look that let me know she knew what she did to me. Social Links

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