Fabulous Friday – My Week in Pictures

It’s Friday! This can only be a good thing. This week has been on the wrong side of crazily busy, but hopefully I’ll have the weekend to catch up on everything I need to, ready to start Monday with a blank slate. Today, rather than regale you with written descriptions of what I’ve done this week, I thought I’d let the pictures do the talking.



crazy office

Yep, just another day at the office. Except a bit more exciting.



Steam Train

A 5:30 am train to Bristol. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite as pretty as this one, but a girl can dream.




Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’m editing.



housework rules

This is what my husband thinks I do. The reality is similar but without the smile. Or the apron.



reading nook

Managed to grab a bit of time to indulge my favourite habit. Now I just need to find a bookshelf like this

What I’ve been reading this week…

All of the books I read were on special offer this week. Two of them were free via Bookbub alerts (If you don’t subscribe already, you can go here. It’s a great way of finding out special offers in your favourite genres. The other two – Number Thirteen by Bella Jewel and Love Lines by S. Walden – were less than $1.99 when I bought them, and in my opinion they both knocked it out of the park. 

Highlander's Hopenumber thirteenJust this onceLove Lines




Well, that’s pretty much my week in pictures. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Carrie Pink



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