Romance Weekly #LoveChatWrite – 25th March

Romance Weekly ChatDo you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all….. About our writing of course! Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

This weeks questions are brought to you by Nina Mason

1.  How does your writing impact your inner life?buffering

I’m so glad nobody can see inside my head! I’m constantly thinking things through, wondering about characters, picturing scenes, imagining the emotions they are all going through. I get inspiration at the strangest of times; maybe driving on the motorway or watching my kids learn to swim. Unfortunately, this can also mean I’m not as responsive as I should be, and when asked a question it can take me up to a minute to reply. My husband says I’m ‘buffering’ which is a great word for it. I’ll answer eventually, but don’t hold your breath!

2.  How do you hope your books affect your readers?

cryingI hope that I send them on a journey that’s worth going on. My stories tend to be emotional, occasionally a little angsty, and I want them to feel all those emotions right along with the characters. When somebody tells me that my stories made them cry, I count that as a good day’s work. This is probably because I LOVE stories that make me cry. I like being a weepy mess, barely able to breathe as I stand right next to a character, feeling their emotions. So that’s what I try and write. Whether I’m successful or not is a different matter!

3.  Has anyone ever told you your book changed their life? If so, how?

Not yet, but maybe one day! I have had messages from readers telling me that they really enjoyed the story, and that it kept them up all night, which is definitely what I’m aiming for when I’m writing. If I can keep you awake and turning the pages, then I’m a happy writer.

 Thanks to Nina for setting some thought-provoking questions! And now to read more Romance Weekly Blog Hop go to and read Leslie Hachtel’s answers!


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  1. Love the ‘buffering’. I do the same, people speak to me and I see lips moving and … that’s it. A good cry through a book is always great, except I insist on a happy ending

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