In Praise of Boys with Glasses



What is it about boys with glasses? To me there’s something inherently sex about guys who wear them. I’m not sure if it’s the geek / intelligent look that appeals, or the fact you have to lean close in order to see them properly. It could even be the possibilities that come from taking those glasses off…

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Take Mr E. No, please, take him. (Don’t really, he comes in useful on trash day.) He wears contacts during the day. But before he goes to bed, and first thing in the morning, he wears glasses. And I think it’s totally hot. He, on the other hand, thinks they are a pain in the ass, but hey, this is all about me. I like kissing a man (or rather the man) in glasses, I love it when he takes them off and folds them up and puts them on the bedside table. I even get a kick out of the fact he’s blind as a bat without them. Which means that in the morning when I’m looking at my worst, I still look the same to him. Win!

Now, the whole point of this post wasn’t for me to get all excited about a pair of -5.5 prescription lenses. It was to explain that I like writing about men wearing glasses, too. Glasses can lend character traits (what kind of glasses, do they slip down their noses, do they take them off at important moments) as well as plot twists (imagine waking up to hear an intruder in the house, and reaching out for your glasses but they aren’t there. You have to run away from the intruder while virtually blind. Scary stuff.). I guess at their very basest, you can use the whole geek to chic transformation a la Clark Kent, when he takes off his glasses and becomes a hottie. Not that it would work for me. I’d be the one going for Clark every time.

So, in order to illustrate my point further, I give you some gratuitious glasses porn:


Ryan Gosling. Those of you who know me, are probably aware I have a huge crush on Ryan. Particularly when he’s wearing the glasses. Or telling a girl he loves her in the rain. Psssh, I’ll take him any way I can.



Oh, hello sexy guy with glasses AND beard. Are you trying to make my ovaries explode?



I’m thinking this might be the same guy in the first post. But I really don’t mind.




So, to sum up. Glasses are hot. Boys are nice. When they take them off it’s not only sexy, it can provide a plot point. Thanks for listening, class. Any questions?

Carrie Pink

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