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It’s Monday. Not usually a cause for celebration, unless you don’t work, have a billion dollars and prefer the shops to be empty when you go and spend it. I would normally be at work right now, but I am travelling this afternoon so thought I’d take the opportunity to blog while I have the chance.

Looking back over November, I feel like it has been a really great month. I’ve been happy with the release of Halfway Hidden, and really pleased with both sales and reviews. It’s given me that push I need to get the next in the series finished. I’m very excited about getting down to that. The reason I haven’t been writing this one already is I’ve been working on a New Adult novel, which I’m hoping to publish in the early part of 2014, possibly in February. I’m really happy to say I managed to finish the first draft yesterday. Cue fireworks and party poppers!

Of course, this is when the real work begins. My first draft is rough as heck, and needs the polish only a rewrite and developmental edit can give. I’m bracing myself for the experience–it’s not something that comes easy to me (unlike the writing side) but I know how important it is to the finished product. Rather like running at the gym, I’m doing it for my own good.

This is where I’d usually give you the blurb just to see what you think. But I’ve been reliably informed it needs work and currently gives too much away. So as soon as I’ve done that work, I’ll be sure to add it here and to GoodReads.

In addition, the lovely Mayhem Cover Creations have made a kick-ass cover which I can’t stop looking at. This one is going to be released in paperback as well as an ebook and I can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on it, just for the cover. I may cry.

After finishing the first draft, I made a plan for 2014. I am hoping to publish 5 books next year, made up of 4 novels and a novella. We’ll see if I come anywhere close to that. It’s not written in stone, I just wanted to have something to aim for. A new year’s resolution for a writer, if you will.

Now that December is here, most of the giveaways that I’m part of are live. I’ve linked them below, there are a huge number of prizes at them all, and I know there are a lot of books listed that I’m keen to get my hands on. Maybe you are too. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Bibliobelles giveaway

Babu's bookshelf giveaway

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