Halfway Hidden – Teaser 3

This is the third and final teaser for Halfway Hidden. Stay tuned for exciting news on it’s release. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 3

“You need to tell me if it gets too much, okay? I don’t want to hurt you.” Murphy leaned toward her, gathering her hair in the palm of his hand and using it to pull her up to standing. Having her hands tied behind her back made her a little unsteady, and he drew her closely against him to stop her from falling. His grasp made her breath quicken, like there was a direct connection between her head and her lungs. She tried to control it, to get the oxygen where she needed it, but one deep breath and she was overwhelmed.

He was too much.

She pulled in another breath, not wanting him to know how much he was affecting her. “Maybe you’re the one who should worry about getting hurt.”

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