Halfway Hidden – Teaser 2

I’ll be posting teaser pictures and excerpts from Halfway Hidden right up to publication day. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 2

She glanced at Murphy’s left hand again. There was no ring, no light skin or depression where one used to be. Not that those indicators were foolproof—there were lots of men who never wore wedding rings, after all—but life had taught her to read people. Everything about this guy was screaming single, a dark, interested stranger with secrets he didn’t want to share. 

That didn’t worry her—not one little bit. She had secrets too, and she was damned certain she wasn’t going to share them with him. She preferred to think about the way her thighs warmed whenever he caught her gaze, her body aching for his touch. For the first time in forever, she wanted to be with somebody. His constant stare told her maybe he felt the same.

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