Halfway Hidden – Teaser 1

I’ll be posting teaser pictures and excerpts from Halfway Hidden right up to publication day. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 1


She lingered for a moment, letting Murphy drink in the view before pulling her panties down too, baring herself before him. She watched his eyes darken at the sight.

Heat burned in her belly like a ball of fire. This was a dangerous game, but her body didn’t seem to be getting the message. Murphy couldn’t drag his eyes away, his stare piercing, as she laid herself bare. A surge of euphoria washed through her body. She’d forgotten how good it felt to be able to use her sexuality, to ward off fear with seduction. It wasn’t that she used sex as a weapon as much as a shield, like a buffer between the hunter and hunted. During her time in Boston, her acquiescence wasn’t a weakness, it was her strength, and if she enjoyed the sense of power it gave her right now, then she’d take it. She was hardwired to survive, no matter how tired she got of fighting.

But there was something about him, some signal he was giving off, that made her think he wanted this. A shadow behind his eye, maybe, or the way his lip curled up at the corner. It wasn’t just that he was good looking, though that was enough to make her burn. It was more than that. He had a hard edge to him, but there was softness as well. She wanted him on her side.

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