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The results of the Halfway Hidden Release Day rafflecopter are here. Many thanks to all that entered – I was blown away by the response. Here are the winners:


$15 Amazon Gift Voucher – Lovely Laura

Ebook copy of Halfway Hidden – Karina Garcia

Halfway Hidden

If you didn’t win this time, don’t worry. There are a lot of other rafflecopter giveaways going on that I’m taking part in. The links are below:

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Bumper New Adult Author Christmas Giveaway – I’ll do a separate post on this one when it opens!

Carrie Pink

Wednesday Rambles – where I talk about blankets, books and coffee.


This is what I wish I’d been doing this week. Curled up under a blanket, with a steaming cup of coffee, reading the latest release that everybody is raving about. Instead, I’ve been busy writing, marketing and editing … oh yeah, and publishing a book! I’m really delighted with how well Halfway Hidden has been received, thanks to all of you for your support.

In other news, it’s been getting colder here. As I type on my laptop, I’m sitting on my sofa under a blanket, trying not to shiver. Rain is pouring down the big picture window, and all I can think is that my poor child is currently at a running competition. School isn’t for the fainthearted! On the plus side, it’s the perfect weather for doing nothing but reading and writing, and I’m going to use the excuse to get down to some serious work.

My to-be-read list is growing like topsy, and top of the list is the latest release from S. Walden, Better.

Better by S. Walden

Their relationship has been exposed, and now their lives are changed forever.
For Cadence Miller, the fast track to adulthood proves intimidating and frustrating. She’s a little girl lost—abandoned by her family and uncertain of her future. She doesn’t think she “fits” anywhere. She’s eighteen. She wants to be older. And the result is both comical and heartbreaking.

Mark Connelly will do anything to provide Cadence a stable, loving home—to be her protector. But he’s just as broken and lost, and his heart won’t let go of his past so easily. He knows he should share his secret with Cadence. He should trust that she’ll understand. But what if she doesn’t? What if their love doesn’t grow stronger?

What if it doesn’t get better?

Better is the follow up to S. Walden’s first book, Good, which I reviewed here.

I’m determined to carve out some time this weekend to read it, and I hope to be able to review it on next week’s “What to Read Wednesday.” In the meantime, I’m going to snuggle under my blanket and do some writing. I’ve nearly finished the book I’m working on, and hope to be able to share some news on it very soon!

Have a great week, everybody, and I’ll see you on Friday.

Carrie Pink

Release Day 1.2 – Halfway Hidden

Halfway Hidden is the exciting new novella from debut author Carrie Elks. Keep reading for information on the book, where to buy, and an exciting giveaway.

Halfway Hidden - Imprint

When fear mixes with desire, who can you trust?

Rachel Stone is stuck, contemplating that very question. Spending her time as a bartender in an isolated West Virginia town, she hides behind dark hair and an assumed name. She exists from day to day, trying not to let her past overwhelm her. When a tall stranger walks into the bar at closing time, her attempts at hiding turn to dust. Muscled and intense, he is attractive enough for Rachel to ignore her instincts and listen to her baser desires. As a storm brews in the skies of West Virginia, confusion builds in Rachel’s mind. What begins as flirtation explodes into a darker, more primal passion, leading her to question everything she thought she knew. While snow blankets the outside world, they are forced to remain inside, confronting their demons and the sizzling attraction between them. Submitting to their urges is easy; learning who to trust is anything but.

About the Author

Carrie Elks lives near London, England and loves to write sexy stories with a dash of intrigue. At the age of twenty-one she left college with a political science degree, a healthy overdraft and a soon-to-be husband. She loves to travel and meet new people, and has lived in the USA and Switzerland as well as the UK. Nowadays, she spends her days sorting out people’s problems at work and her evenings glued to a computer keyboard. An avid social networker, she tries to limit her Facebook and twitter time to stolen moments between writing chapters. Her favorite authors include L.H. Cosway, Samantha Young, Cara McKenna and C.J. Roberts. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can usually be found baking, drinking wine or working out how to combine the two.



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Halfway Hidden – Teaser 3

This is the third and final teaser for Halfway Hidden. Stay tuned for exciting news on it’s release. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 3

“You need to tell me if it gets too much, okay? I don’t want to hurt you.” Murphy leaned toward her, gathering her hair in the palm of his hand and using it to pull her up to standing. Having her hands tied behind her back made her a little unsteady, and he drew her closely against him to stop her from falling. His grasp made her breath quicken, like there was a direct connection between her head and her lungs. She tried to control it, to get the oxygen where she needed it, but one deep breath and she was overwhelmed.

He was too much.

She pulled in another breath, not wanting him to know how much he was affecting her. “Maybe you’re the one who should worry about getting hurt.”

Halfway Hidden – Teaser 2

I’ll be posting teaser pictures and excerpts from Halfway Hidden right up to publication day. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 2

She glanced at Murphy’s left hand again. There was no ring, no light skin or depression where one used to be. Not that those indicators were foolproof—there were lots of men who never wore wedding rings, after all—but life had taught her to read people. Everything about this guy was screaming single, a dark, interested stranger with secrets he didn’t want to share. 

That didn’t worry her—not one little bit. She had secrets too, and she was damned certain she wasn’t going to share them with him. She preferred to think about the way her thighs warmed whenever he caught her gaze, her body aching for his touch. For the first time in forever, she wanted to be with somebody. His constant stare told her maybe he felt the same.

Halfway Hidden – Teaser 1

I’ll be posting teaser pictures and excerpts from Halfway Hidden right up to publication day. Many thanks to Lucia from Reading is my Breathing blog for providing me with the pictures.

Halfway Hidden Teaser Pic 1


She lingered for a moment, letting Murphy drink in the view before pulling her panties down too, baring herself before him. She watched his eyes darken at the sight.

Heat burned in her belly like a ball of fire. This was a dangerous game, but her body didn’t seem to be getting the message. Murphy couldn’t drag his eyes away, his stare piercing, as she laid herself bare. A surge of euphoria washed through her body. She’d forgotten how good it felt to be able to use her sexuality, to ward off fear with seduction. It wasn’t that she used sex as a weapon as much as a shield, like a buffer between the hunter and hunted. During her time in Boston, her acquiescence wasn’t a weakness, it was her strength, and if she enjoyed the sense of power it gave her right now, then she’d take it. She was hardwired to survive, no matter how tired she got of fighting.

But there was something about him, some signal he was giving off, that made her think he wanted this. A shadow behind his eye, maybe, or the way his lip curled up at the corner. It wasn’t just that he was good looking, though that was enough to make her burn. It was more than that. He had a hard edge to him, but there was softness as well. She wanted him on her side.

Fabulous Friday – where I get a little bit over-excited


So here it is again. Just like clockwork, Friday seems to come around every seven days no matter how busy the week has been. As usual I’m more than happy to see her lovely face. In spite of the rain, the dark evenings, and the nagging feeling that there’s something I’ve got to do (please don’t mention Christmas shopping), I’m in a great mood, and really looking forward to next week.

Why, you may ask. And even if you don’t, I’ll give you an answer. Because there’s less than a week to go until I release Halfway Hidden. YAY!

This is me, right now.

 photo Friends1_zps181f3248.gif

In celebration of the upcoming release, I’ll be posting excerpts on my blog from Monday to Wednesday. Please come and take a look and tell me what you think.

I also wrote a guest blog for The First Place to the Last blog this week, professing my love for the new book by M.Pierce, Night Owl. If you haven’t read this one yet, I highly recommend it. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the page.

Night Owl by M.Pierce

Well, that’s about it for now. I hope to see you here on Monday for the first excerpt from Halfway Hidden. In the meantime, here’s to a great weekend.

Carrie Pink