Fabulous Friday

It’s Friday again, I almost can’t believe it. This week has gone faster than lightning, but I’ve never been happier to see the weekend.

My week has looked a little like this:

Monday: I worked all day (boring – you don’t want to know) then spent my evening working on my original fiction project – more about that at the bottom of the page. Sleep arrived very late, but I grabbed what I could.

Tuesday: As above, but add in some fanfiction writing, which always makes me smile. As do the lovely reviews.

Wednesday: I ended up at the dentist, lying on the couch staring up at his masked face. While he prodded my infected gum (ouch), I wondered if I could ever make this situation sexy. I mean, the dentist’s chair is practically a bed, and he’s pretty much a doctor. Hmm, I’ll revisit that another time.

Thursday: A long, long drive to an all day meeting. It sounds like it was a drag, but it isn’t. I love sitting in the car for two hours, with nothing to occupy me but my thoughts. I pretty much edited a chapter of my next project in my mind, and dissected the characters of the key protagonists. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to simply think about a story and characters, with no pen, paper or keyboard in front of me.

Friday: Today – yay! No work today, so I’m settling down with a hot cup of coffee, some great tunes on the Sonos player, and my lovely laptop. I did have to clear the office of the mister’s mess (how he works in such chaos I’ll never know) but now I have my caffeine and my zen I’m a happy girl.


I said at the top there would be news on my first book – Halfway Hidden, so let’s get to it. I’m delighted to say that the cover (made by the ever-talented Mayhem Creations) will be revealed on the wonderful CBL blog on 25th September. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I love the cover so much, and can’t wait for you to see it.

In the meantime, I’m going back to my edits and my coffee. I hope you’ve had a great week too. See you soon


Carrie Pink

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