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I love books almost as much as I love chocolate
And that’s saying a lot!
I’ve always enjoyed crafting stories, and am so happy that I now get to share them with you.
I’m Carrie Elks, author of four books (and counting…) My books have been translated into 6 different languages, and I count myself lucky to have readers all across the globe. I write books full of emotion, passion and love.
So pour yourself a cup of tea (or a glass of something stronger), pull up a chair and come join me. Let’s talk romance!
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12 thoughts on “Home

    • Hi Anna, thank you so much for reading Fix You! The Love in London series has similar themes (love, second chances, modern women) but is written in a different style. If you’d like to give them a go Coming Down (the first book) is currently free to download on Amazon. Thanks again and have a great day xx

  1. i cant put the book fix you down!!
    i bought it this morning and i think i’ll be done by tea time! new favourite!!
    nicola xx

  2. Hello ! This is Haider here from India. Only one I had have your book with me. The book is Fix You. Really, the story is so awesome that after many years it can forget. Especially, it happens with me. I am waiting for your next novel. I hope the next story I expect the same.

  3. I love Fix You. It’s been a favourite of mine for a long, long time, if you see what I mean! 🙂
    There are some books I know and return to when I need a ‘comfort fix’ and this is one of those, together with titles from Jeanne McDonald, Sarah Latchaw and Olivia Evans, amongst others I have been reading for a while.
    Congrats on you success as an author. It is well deserved 🙂

  4. I love ‘Fix You’ and the wonderful mix of characters. Hanna and Richard were so good together, and I wanted to just shake them both sometimes!🙄
    I admire how you brought attention to the real issue of depression arising from bereavement. The fallout is realistic & heartbreaking.💔
    I didn’t want ‘Fix You’ to end and was extremely pleased with the well written epilogue!

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